11 Grocery Stores Around The World That Give Us Major Design Envy

More glamorous than the local Shoprite

By Journy Admin

3 August 2018

Grocery nerds unite. Whether you enjoy discovering how the French do produce or how glimpsing the reality of cooking dinner in Cuba, it's always fascinating to swing by a grocery store when traveling. We've rounded up 11 of the weirdest/most awe inspiring/best designed that are well worth a trip.


Mpreis In Wiesing, Austria

When you have a landscape as naturally impressive as South Tyrol's rolling grassy hills, it pays to make the outdoors the focal point of any building project. This supermarket does precisely that, with large windows that let shoppers enjoy the view as the stroll through the otherwise minimal store.

The Spec Reports

Heinen's Downtown In Cleveland

This midwestern chain supermarket is housed in the historic Cleveland Trust building, which was built in 1906. The building sat uninhabited form the early 1990s to 2015, when Heinen's moved in. Now you can shop under the opulent rotunda, or pick up some prepared foods to go.

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Jason's (Orchard) In Singapore

Jason's Orchard packs as much food as one possibly could into frequently cramped spaces. The decor plays heavily on black, throwing in agri-chic touches like pristine wooden crates and pseudo-horse buggies. If you're looking for your international food fix, this is the place to go.

Dis Moi Paris

Pimlico In Paris

This bijoux sized Paris supermarket exudes an airy feeling. The focus is an all-natural, organic ingredients, including a pleasingly well-stocked wine section for such a small store.

Cook 'Til Done

Bi Rite Market In San Francisco

Forget the Ferry Building, San Francisco foodies pinpoint the epicenter of the city’s grocery universe to Bi Rite. This charmingly retro grocery store was started as a family business in 1940 and has been in the Mogannam family since 1960. The emphasis on local products hasn't changed and you'll find everything from grow-your-own mushroom kits to artisanal chocolate.

Albert Heijn XL In Eindhoven, The Netherlands

It's fitting that Eindhoven, The Netherland's unofficial design capital, has such a tricked out grocery store. All black walls and neon section signs give the space a club-like feel, but the produce is the same you find at every supermarket across the country.

Are Design Awards

Woolworths Waterstone In Somerset West, South Africa  

Grocery nerds, take note: if you're in Cape Town, it's well worth a trip to the outlying suburb of Somerset West to appreciate this sprawling supermarket. The vibe is farmer-meets-industry with wood crates stacked on a cool granite floor. They also have an in-store cafe to fuel your shopping.

Retail Week.

Cru In Overijse, Belgium

With milk crates piled high with produce scattered around, Cru supermarkets hit the sweet spot between well-designed and rugged. The one in Overijse, just south of Brussels in Belgium is particularly beautiful with sleek blonde wood tables for dining and a chic counters for buying fresh meat, fish and cheese.

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Ole In Shanghai, China

Yes, you'll pay a steep sum for the fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese at this Shanghai mega-mart, but it's so beautifully displayed with so much space around it that you'll hardly realize. After a quick stroll you'll understand why China's grocery industry is set to overtake America's.

Mienl am Graben

Julius Meinl Am Graben In Vienna

Okay, so this might not be your everyday Viennese supermarket, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a trip. Whether you drop into the cafe for a cappuccino or pick up some prepared foods for a picnic, you'll enjoy the luxury ambiance.

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Eliseevsky In Moscow

Housed in a former merchant palace, this Moscow supermarket gets our vote for the most opulent supermarket. Yes, the prices are higher than your average grocery, but it's well worth the price to pick up some food souvenirs in this historic space.

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