10 Of Our Favorite Upscale Restaurants In Copenhagen

Perhaps one of the top reasons international gastros visit Copenhagen these days is to dine at Noma, the restaurant that has sat at the top of The World's 50 Best Restaurant list for years in a row, who made eating live ants [http://www.eater.com/2016/1/28/10860246/noma-australia-menu-photos] cool and delicious. With the restaurant set to make their transition to an urban farm [http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/16/dining/noma-rene-redzepi-urban-farm.html?_r=0] in 2017, it's no wonder reservation

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3 August 2018

Perhaps one of the top reasons international gastros visit Copenhagen these days is to dine at Noma, the restaurant that has sat at the top of The World's 50 Best Restaurant list for years in a row, who made eating live ants cool and delicious.

With the restaurant set to make their transition to an urban farm in 2017, it's no wonder reservations are even tougher than usual. (Reservations are accepted now through the end of August, 3 months in advance - try your luck here).

But fret not - there's plenty reason to jet to Copenhagen even if you can't dine at Noma.

Here Are 10 Of Our Favorite Upscale Spots To Enjoy A Tasting Menu In Copenhagen:

1. Amass

Amass Restaurant

Chef Matt Orlando used to be head chef at Noma before starting this fine dining spot in a beautiful industrial space by the water with stunning views of the city. Here, they ferment, pickle, forage, and transform ingredients to make them more, erm, themselves. The best time to come is during lunch, when the restaurant floods with light (perfect for upping your Instagram game), and when there's a shorter menu on offer of 3 courses for just 395 DKK ($58 USD).

Amass Restaurant

Select dishes from the current extended tasting menu. The menu changes frequently.

2. Relae

Run by the former sous chef at Noma, Relae provides a no-nonsense gastronomic experience despite the fact that it boasts a Michelin-star and was ranked on the list of the World’s Best Restaurants in 2015. The creative kitchen serves mouthfuls that will blow you away in the form of daily 4 and 7-course menus, which feature inventive yet deceptively simple dishes like sous-vide chicken and pickled mackerel. The magic of Relae is also in its near-perfect atmosphere that feels unpretentious, warm, and welcoming.

In his Journy on Copenhagen, Ali Kurshat Altinsoy called Relae, a "warm, intimate restaurant serving creative, adventurous food. They have a strong natural wine philosophy and food-drink pairings here are some of the best within Copenhagen and without." - Read more here.


3. Kadeau Copenhagen

Kadeau Copenhagen is a relaxing, contemporary Nordic spot where every ingredient is sourced from nearby. In the summer time, they take that to the extreme with every ingredient on the menu sourced from Bornholm Island. Whether you have the pleasure of dining at the Bornholm or Copenhagen location, you can rest-assured you'll find a menu that’s fresh, local, and steeped in Danish tradition. The Michelin-starred tasting menu here impresses with modern technique and colorful plates that pack rich flavors into small bites.


4. Kadeau Bornholm

Located on the small island of Bornholm, a short flight from Copenhagen (trust us, it's worth it!), Kadeau Bornholm is set in an updated beach pavilion overlooking the sea. The menu features the best local produce and combines old and new cooking techniques. Choose from 5-8 courses for 700-1000DKK, with optional wine pairings for the same price. Juice pairings are also available. Worth the trip to the stunning island. Open only during summer.


5. Pony

Pony delivers a great dining experience in a cozy unfussy atmosphere, at a price point that doesn't break the bank. The sister restaurant of the Michelin-starred Kadeau, the food at Pony is similar in style and approach, featuring a simpler composition with flavors just as bold and interesting.

Sweetbreads with grilled new onions, ramson, coutons and pickled garlic shoots | @alice_gao

6. Geranium

Geranium, Copenhagen’s first three Michelin-star restaurant, will wow you with high-concept cooking that is meant to evoke all the senses. The restaurant’s decor features all the characteristics of classic Danish design, including clean lines, minimal lighting, modern furniture, and a monochrome palette. Situated on the 8th floor, you’ll be able to steal panoramic views of the city’s green copper roofs and the windmills of Oresund as you enjoy the bio-friendly, multi-course tasting menu (1800 DKK).

Beetroot, green strawberry, yogurt, and tegets | @supertastermel

7. Taller

One of the latest must-visit restaurants in Copenhagen, serving up authentic and delicious Venezuelan food, is Taller. Chefs Karlos Ponte Maldonado and Luis Moreno, both Noma alums, opened this spot in March of 2015 and it has quickly shot to the top of the serious food lovers' must-eat list. At dinner, you'll have the choice of 2 menus, a smaller menu of 4 courses, or a large menu of 7 or 9 courses. The menu mixes authentic Venezuelan flavors and ingredients. with s contemporary and Nordic sensibility. For lunch, the restaurant offers a 2 course menu for 375DKK, or 4 courses for 575DKK with the option of adding additional desserts.

Tomatillos and green Mexican tomatoes | @andersusa

8. AOC

Located in the stylish, arched basement of a 17th-century mansion, AOC restaurant has simple and straightforward decor that will encourage you to focus on the multi-sensory gastronomic experience. The two-Michelin star restaurant serves 7 and 10-course menus with light and elegant flavors, which are brought to life by the supremely fresh Nordic produce. AOC is also known for its incredible and innovative desserts, like raw pickled pear with a thyme cloud and chamomile tea two ways.


9. No. 2

No. 2 is the younger sister of AOC, making it a go-to spot for gourmet food without any fuss. The restaurant focuses on accessible iterations of new Nordic cuisine, resulting in a clever array of dishes -- such as the most precisely prepared and artfully presented version of fish and chips you’ll ever see. The menu changes seasonally but always includes a la carte and tasting menu options. While the interior is simple, you’ll be treated to some magnificent waterside views.


10. Kiin Kiin

One of two Michelin-starred Thai restaurants in the world, eating at Kiin-Kiin is a chance to see hospitality at its finest. Settle into their downstairs lounge to begin with a couple bites of dressed-up street food before being led to the glittering dining room. Then prepare to be dazzled by a 5-course tasting menu that absolutely bursts with flavor at every turn, from a colorful, tastebud-overwhelming tom yum kung to fresh scallops that combine the tang of Thai with the sleek simplicity of Nordic cooking.


Bonus: Hija De Sanchez

Not fine dining. No tasting menu. But amazing tacos. Hija de Sanchez is the first solo venture from Rosio Sanchez, the former pastry chef of Noma. The original stand is located at Copenhagen’s Torvehallerne Market with a new space recently opened in the Meatpacking district. Hija de Sanchez taqueria brings traditional Mexican recipes and street food to the city, utilizing Sanchez’s daily hand-ground masa that she makes with corn imported from Oaxaca. Choose from three tacos: chicken and mole, huevos rancheros, and carnitas. The tacos are best enjoyed with tepache, a classic Mexican beverage that features beer and fresh pineapple.

Lengua, fish skin, and huevo ranchero | @alice_gao

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