3 Ways To See The Hollywood Sign In Los Angeles

Get your cameras ready!

By Journy Team

3 August 2018

The Hollywood sign is iconic. If you’re in LA as a movie buff, why not admire it from multiple angles? Here are three different ways to do so!

Runyon Canyon Park

Juan B. Melendez III 

You can’t go to Los Angeles and not go hiking. Runyon is the classic “Hollywood” hike. It’s dusty and dirty and you'll find dogs are off leash, but it’s iconic and you can’t miss it. It’s a pretty short and easy hike (unless you go up the side) and you if you go early or on a weekday you shouldn’t have a problem finding a parking spot. Don’t forget your camera as you'll get beautiful pictures of the city including the Hollywood sign. Plus, you can look at all the Hollywood Hills homes that surround it and daydream about which one you own. Note: Parking is a challenge, even if you get here early in the morning. Your best bet is to look for a spot off Franklin or Fuller. Weekends are especially busy.

Lake Hollywood Park

Laci S.

Lined with palm trees and oaks, Lake Hollywood reservoir and the surrounding neighborhood overlook the Hollywood sign. The three-mile trail around the reservoir is easy and accessible, and gives you unusual views of the iconic sign. The park is a great place to bring children and pups. Parking is on the street near the gate to the reservoir path.

Hollywood Bowl Overlook

La Pinterest

This hillside spot provides telescopes & views of downtown, the Hollywood Sign & the ocean on clear days. Note: the park closes when it gets dark. You won't find a better spot to see LA. This also means that it's almost always crowded and parking can be tough, but the inconvenience is worth it for the views. If you can, go in the morning or early afternoon as traffic in the late afternoons can get rough. The parking lot is small and closes in the evening. If you don't mind walking, park a little ways away on the roadside, or at the Leow's Hollywood lot on Highland (1755 N Highland Ave, $20 for 8 hours), about a 15-minute walk from the overlook.

Laci S.