5 Scandi-Chic Cocktail Bars Worth A Trip To Copenhagen

Find your cocktail soulmate at the city's best bars

By Journy Admin

3 August 2018

We have a serious issue with Copenhagen's cocktail scene: there are SO MANY amazing bars, but we rarely spend more than four days at a time in the city. No matter how hard we try, it's never enough to indulge all the drinks we want to. But while you'll be spoiled for choice for awesome drinks in the city, not all bars are created equal. We've rounded up our top five must-go drinking dens while in the city to give you a taste of the city's cocktail scene.


Lidkoeb (For Whiskey Lovers)

Intimate, relaxing, and friendly, Lidkoeb bartenders make artisan cocktails with the sophistication of a NOMA chef, using wild flavors to create smooth and artful drinks. You'll find a livelier atmosphere on the first and second floors, and an old-school whisky bar with large comfy leather seats upstairs on the third floor. Regardless which floor you choose, whiskey-lovers will revel and cocktail-lovers will rejoice at the craftsmanship on display here.

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Salon 39 (For Jazz-Lovers)

A jazzy, low-key speakeasy experience awaits inside Salon 39, a place that meets the needs of whiskey-lovers of all kinds. If you can nab a coveted seat at the bar you’re in for a full evening of entertainment watching the bartenders meticulously craft multi-faceted drinks in their cramped quarters. A basil-accented White Russian is a particularly pleasing house specialty.

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Balderdash (For Nouveau-Connoisseurs)

Snug, antique-filled corners and homey chaises clustered around a crackling fireplace give every trip to Balderdash a cozy, Christmas-morning feel. But rather than wrapped presents, Balderdash gives you the gift of Copenhagen’s most creative cocktails, mixed by a staff absolutely brimming with spirit knowledge. The cocktail menu changes up regularly, mixing influences from old school cocktails, modern culinary trends and contemporary art. Consider it an excuse for multiple trips.

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Atze Peng Bar (For A Personalized Experience)

"Atze Peng" is 19th century Berlin slang and means good friend. This East German style industrial bar is the only place in the Copenhagen where all the ice you’re served with your drinks, whether shaved, crushed or cubed, will be hand chipped from one big block of ice. The citrus is also hand-squeezed to order. When coming here, make sure you have time for much more than a quick drink.

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Ruby (For Understated Danish Glam)

At Ruby, there are no flashy signs, no eye-catching entrance, and yet, by word of mouth, this unique cocktail bar has become one of the most talked about venues in town - and rightly. In October 2015, Ruby was ranked 34 on the list of the world's 50 best bars. Ruby has a relaxed, homey atmosphere, utterly devoid of pretense. The expert bartenders greet you when entering and subsequently serve up some of the most delicious cocktails in Copenhagen. While the cocktails are top notch, it is the atmosphere that sets this bar apart. It's decorated like an apartment, making it impossible not to feel at home here.

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