8 Travel Bloggers Share Their Guilty Pleasures While On The Road

We can all relate!

By Megan McDonough

24 September 2018

For most of us, vacation comes a few times a year but for these eight travel bloggers, they literally travel for a living. While most of them do have a home base, they’re used to being on the road almost constantly but that doesn’t mean they can’t partake in the occasional guilty pleasure. From indulging in breakfast in bed to splurging on the occasional 3-hour Uber, these bloggers knew how to live it up.

“While I'm all about public transportation -- I'm an avid subway rider in my home of NYC -- when I'm carrying luggage or doing a trek that's multiple legs, I'm all about those car services. I once took an Uber three hours, which was expensive, but did save me a lot of time and hassle!” — Jessie Festa, Jessie on a Journey

Jessie Festa

“I eat non-local food way more often than is appropriate for a travel blogger. On a recent trip through Europe's Baltic States, for example, at least a quarter of my meals were from kebab shops, even though I had only a few days to discover each country, including its unique culinary traditions. But hey, we all sometimes do what feels good instead of what we actually should, right?” — Robert Schrader, Leave your Daily Hell

Robert Schrader

“Continuing my low-key self-care routine. Whether it's traveling for work or going on vacation, I'll go to a local yoga class or take a walk around the neighborhood. I'll nap or read all day, and watch a rom-com or action movie on the hotel tv. Oh, and putting on masks while on the plane. Time and space to do you are little luxuries.” — Ko Im, Konakafe

Ko Im

“When I travel my favorite thing to splurge on is definitely a nice or unique hotel. As a female solo traveler, safety is always very important to me. I want to make sure the location of the hotel I stay at is safe and I also feel like there is something so nice about coming back to a beautiful/unique room after a long day of exploring. I think a unique hotel experience definitely makes your travel experience feel extra special. Why not live in your own fairytale movie. I love art and design and love to see the beautiful ideas people come up with around the world.” — Hofit Kim Cohen, Vanilla Sky Dreaming

Hofit Kim Cohen

“I love visiting local markets then stuffing myself with eclectic food (when I’m back home I’m really health conscious). I was just in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the first time recently and the night markets there are particularly amazing. Where else can you get a whole coconut then drink it while getting an open air foot reflexology massage and top it off with Pad Thai?” — Megan Snedden, Hey Wander Woman

Megan Snedden

“When traveling, I tend to splurge on the occasional nice hotel room — not a stuffy 5 star type of hotel, but just a big room, usually something trendy and cool and comfortable (and preferably with a bathtub). Even if I'm in a new city, I just love spending the night in a comfy room and blocking put the rest of the world.” — Adam Groffman, Travels of Adam

Adam Groffman

“My travel guilty pleasure is literally eating breakfast in bed. Sorry to housekeeping for getting crumbs on the sheets! I'm usually traveling in by myself and don't fancy going down to the restaurant to dine alone. Having beautiful spreads of pastries, fruit, soft scrambled eggs with freshly shaved truffle and local cheese brought to my room is divine.” — Amber Gibson, travel + food writer

Amber Gibson

“Without a doubt, my travel guilty pleasure are spa appointments. I love facials and massages, two things I don’t indulge in when I’m home. The best massage I’ve had recently was at the Chedi in Muscat, and one of my favorite city spas in the world is the Four Seasons in Geneva. Heaven!” — Leah Walker, Leah Travels

Leah Walker