Airbnb’s Got Some Competition Coming Out Of Italy

Plus four other travel tidbits the Journy HQ has been hyped about this month.

1. Airbnb’s got some competition

A new company out of Italy, Fairbnb, is asserting itself as the “ethical alternative” to Airbnb, which has weathered a recent storm of accusations that its short-term rentals have become increasingly professionalized over the years, generating profits for a select few while contributing to gentrification and a crisis of affordable housing. Fairbnb, by investing all its profits back into the local community, argues that its model is “a more socially responsible version of holiday-rental platforms.” The pilot will be launching in April in five European cities: Amsterdam, Venice, Bologna, Valencia and Barcelona. Read more here.

2. Parmigiano is being called Italy’s “perfect food”

As if we needed another reason to travel to Italy for the food, our favorite salty, nutty and sharp Parm is now being officially lauded as “a panacea—something that gives health to everything it touches.” Perhaps that’s why its production is so strictly regulated; it can only be made with a select list of ingredients in a 10,000 sq-km region of Italy. The result? A food that, pound per pound, competes with “almost any food” when it comes to calcium, amino acids, protein and Vitamin A. Read more here.

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3. We now know the deets on NYCs highly anticipated Hudson Yards overhaul

The wait is almost over for the dining dream-come-true that will be Hudson Yards. It’s slated to open on March 15 and will feature everything from grilled meats and seafood at Mercado Little Spain (think Eataly, but Spanish), to a Greek wine bar, Kosher bakery and slew of beloved chains like Momofuku Noodle Bar, Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, Van Leeuwen and Blue Bottle Coffee. Read more here.

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4. Get ready for the world's largest underwater theme park opening this summer

Get ready for the world’s largest underwater theme park opening this summer
It’s happening in Bahrain, a nation comprised of more than 30 islands between the Qatar Peninsula and the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. The star of the 25-acre show will be a sunken Boeing 747, with additional features including artificial coral reefs and sculptures to attract diving enthusiasts from around the world, as well as marine biologists and researchers. Read more here.

Ireland may soon be outfitting its popular tourist destinations with “selfie seats”
Yep, you read that correctly. In an attempt to prevent tragic accidents that occur in pursuit of the perfect selfie, Jim Daly, the Irish Minister for Mental Health and Older People, proposed installing “selfie seats” at popular tourist destinations throughout the country such as the Cliffs of Moher, Old Head of Kinsale and Lough Hyne. What’s more, it would act as a marketing ploy, encouraging tourists to share the perfect snapshot with their followers. Read more here.

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