17 Eco-Travelers Inspiring The World To Adventure Sustainably

Indulge your green wanderlust.

We all want to ensure we don’t leave a negative impact on our travel destination. That’s why we love these 17 travelers who are excited to help their readers adventure more ethically. From roundups of the best eco-friendly hotels and hostels in the world to tips on minimizing your carbon footprint, these 17 eco-traveling enthusiasts will help you leave your destination exactly the way you found it.

What Is Eco-Traveling?

Right now, traveling is more affordable than ever. If travel bloggers have shown us one thing, it’s that it is possible to travel to that dream destination. They inspire us and dare us to use travel to live our best lives.

But with all this power also comes great responsibility.

According to Forbes, millennial families are traveling more than Gen Xers. Especially families with kids. That means that destinations that previously didn’t see much tourism are now hotspots for travel.

Eco-traveling is simply a way to enjoy that small town, the charming bistro or a lush jungle—all while minimizing one's environmental and social impact.

1. A Jaunt With Joy

City of Utqiagvik, Alaska | @ajauntwithjoy

Joy's true passion is empowering solo female travelers to get outdoors and travel safely and confidently. Not only does she share her favorite eco-friendly products and travel destinations, but she also offers information on conservation.

2. The Crowded Planet

Lake Tenno | @the_crowded_planet

Yes, our world is getting more and more crowded every day. Bloggers Margherita and Nick hope to share their favorite destinations with their readers—all while offering advice on sustainable travel and enjoying the great outdoors. Much of their blog revolves around photography, so you can bet that you'll also snag some great tips on taking the best wide-angle shots.

3. Ethical Traveller

Atlas Mountains, Morocco | @catherinemachtravel

Award-winning writer Catherine Mack shares her tips on responsible travel. In addition to her travel blog, she’s also contributed to the website, Responsible Travel and authored a travel app called Ireland Green Travel that helps travelers see as much of the Emerald Isle as possible—all while leaving the country as clean as they found it.

4. Impact Travel Alliance

Nepal | @impacttravelalliance

While most of the eco-traveling sites on this list feature individual influencers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a few non-profit organizations. Impact Travel Alliance’s goal is to educate travelers to help them protect their destinations’ environments and empower its locals. In addition to educating travelers, they also encourage travelers to get involved in the slow travel movement.

5. The Joy Trip Project

Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area | @joytripproject

While an important aspect of eco-traveling is taking care of the environment, another (somewhat lesser-known) aspect is empowering the cultures and residents of a destination and ensuring travel is helping the destination instead of taking advantage of its residents.

The Joy Trip Project aims to do both. Written by James Edward Mills, a freelance journalist, this blog doesn’t aim to change the world in one post. Instead, Mills encourages readers to simply make small changes when it comes to sustainable living and travel.

6. Girl About The Globe

Minsk, Belarus | @girlabouttheglobe

Girl About The Globe is another sustainable blog focusing on eco-traveling for solo female travelers. Blogger Lisa has traveled to 129 countries and traveled solo to 97 countries. She’s passionate about helping women plan their trips and empowering them to make good choices while on the road. She also focuses her tips on leaving minimum impact on a destination.

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7. Good Nature Travel

Yellowstone National Park | @colbyoutdoors | @naturalhabitatadventures

Many of the eco-traveling influencers on this list focus on traveling first and eco-friendly traveling second. Good Nature Travel is all about conservation. This blog is for the eco-conscious traveler who wants to spend as much time outdoors, hanging with wildlife and learning about endangered species.

8. Green Pearls

Zeavola Resort, Thailand | @greenpearls

Green Pearls shares eco-travel hotels, sustainable developments and green services all over the world. They focus on climate protection global impact projects. On their blog, you’ll find the best slow travel destinations and eco-friendly lifestyle products. Can’t decide on a destination? They’ll help you find one that will help minimize your carbon footprint.

9. The Green Pick

Madeira, Portugal | @greenpickers

We love the organized and clean layout of The Green Pick’s website. It’s a great resource for discovering eco-traveling destinations, simply browsing articles on the most sustainable restaurants in a destination or minimizing your carbon footprint when you fly. Run by bloggers Denis and Fanny, The Green Pick is a curated list of some of the eco-friendliest choices in tourism.

10. Green Suitcase Travel

Santorini, Greece | @greensuitcasetravel

Green Suitcase Travel is all about travel with a purpose. Its primary goals are to help travelers leave their destinations the way they found them, encourage authentic experiences and prove that the way we travel matters. The site content is written by founder and chief explorer Misty Foster and seven contributors, each with their own focus and specialization.

11. Green Traveler Guides

Ubud, Bali | @GreenTravelerGuides

Green Traveler Guides is a collection of eco-traveler guides to help readers discover new destinations and make the best choices once they arrive. If you want to discover Mexico’s organic produce, drink sustainable wine and discover Greek eco-enclaves, this site is for you.

12. The Man in Seat Sixty-One

Mark Smith | @TheManinSeat61

The Man in Seat Sixty-One tackles one of the biggest elephants in the travel room: flying. The amount of fuel planes burn while flying to and from destinations is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Blogger Mark Smith’s solution? Don’t fly. Travel by train instead. Just because you want to be eco-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t travel. You just need to find ways to travel differently.

13. Small Footprints Big Adventures

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park | @smallfootprintsbigadventures

Small Footprints Big Adventures is one of the few blogs on this list that specializes in sustainable travel with kids. Originally from Victoria, Australia, bloggers Emma and Anthony share their tips on child-friendly travel and passing down their good eco-traveling behaviors to their kids, Dante and Allegra.

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14. SmarterTravel

Crater Lake | @smartertravel

SmarterTravel mostly focuses its content on roundups of the best sustainable travel gear and supplies. They also share stories and news of what happens when you don’t travel eco-friendly. Some of their top stories include beaches that have closed due to over-tourism and debates on whether ride-shares are contributing to pollution instead of easing it.

15. Soul Travel

Cascais, Portugal | @soultravelblog

Soul Travel is penned by bloggers Ellie and Ravi, a British-Indian couple. They write about the small changes they make in their travel routines that add up to big benefits for the environment. They also share stories about the people they meet who are making big strides in the eco-traveling industry.

16. Travel for Wildlife

Douglas Falls | @travelforwildlife

This website focuses on the adventures of bloggers Hal and Christina. All their articles and videos promote conservation and responsible wildlife travel. This award-winning blog features destinations, wildlife tour companies and information on endangered species.

17. The Uprooted Rose

San Francisco Botanical Garden | @theuprootedrose

The Uprooted Rose is penned by San Francisco native, Rose Cornwell, a blogger who studied international conservation and global sustainable business. Which means she kind of knows what she’s talking about when it comes to eco-traveling. Her blog educates readers on how to travel responsibly—with a few tips on the best vegan restaurants around the world.

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