Top 5 Things To Do In Montreal For Art Lovers

Considered Canada’s cultural capital, with art galleries galore, Montreal is a top notch destination for art lovers. Get lost in art in these five places from our exclusive Journy database.

Walk down Saint Laurent Boulevard

Admire the beautiful murals as you stroll down Saint Laurent Boulevard: one of Montreal’s most vibrant pedestrian streets with a great mix of shops, cafes, and bars. Each block has a different vibe. Make sure to hit up the vintage clothing shops, Schwartz’s Deli, and Kitsch and Swell — a boutique that combines retail shopping with taxidermy.

Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Located on the historic Golden Square Mile stretch of Sherbrooke Street, the Museum Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the city’s premier museum. With a picturesque greenhouse and a collection that contains more than 41,000 works excluding temporary exhibitions, you’ll be fascinated by the blend of artistic disciplines that the museum showcases (fine arts, music, film, fashion, and design). Don’t forget to check out Bourgie Hall, which holds an outstanding collection of Tiffany stained glass windows. Free admission.

See contemporary art at DHC Art Fondation

Situated in the heart of Old Montreal, DHC/ART Fondation pour l'art contemporain is a permanent exhibition space that showcases exciting and fresh contemporary art from both established and emerging international artists. The foundation presents three to four stunning exhibitions per year along with dynamic programming that includes film screenings. Free admission.

Visit avant garde art gallery, Parisian Laundry

Parisian Laundry is a three-story art gallery in Ville-Marie showcasing avant-garde work by both Canadian and international visual and installation artists. A 15,000-square-foot industrial space at the forefront of Canada’s contemporary art scene, the gallery focuses mostly on paintings and sculptures from artists like BGL, Paul Hardy, and Janet Werner. Check their website for info about current exhibitions:

Explore Old Montreal

The 370-year-old, once walled-in part of the city, Old Montreal encompasses centuries of history but still bustles with life. Wander along the narrow, winding streets to the city’s birthplace, where Sieur de Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance landed in 1642. You’ll see extraordinary buildings from the 1700s, along with Canada’s first skyscrapers, built near the turn of the 20th century. Be sure to take a stroll down Saint-Paul Street, the oldest street in Montreal -- it’s now lined with art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, and cafes.


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