Travel-Themed Games From Journy (Crosswords, Word Searches, & More!)

A postcard from home, game night edition.

As we hide out inside, games are the ultimate cozy entertainment—when you want to take a break from all the memes, that is.

We'll be updating this post every week with more travel-themed puzzles to put your knowledge to the test and keep you inspired in isolation.

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**The crossword puzzles work best on desktop (not on your mobile phone), so if they're being a bit buggy, switch to your computer!

International Destination Riddles

Just think of it like a virtual "scavenger hunt." Only with the correct answer can you unlock the next question. Split up into two teams, and see who can solve them all first!

Can you find all 15?

There's 14 in this one—can you find 'em all?

International Destinations Crossword Puzzle

How well do you know your cities, countries, and regions around the world?

International Attractions Crossword Puzzle

Put your knowledge of major museums, lakes, neighborhoods, parks, and more to the test.

International Cuisine Crossword Puzzle

Do you know what dishes define these major countries around the world? There's only one way to find out...

Looking for another challenge? Take our restaurants quiz!