Journy's Ultimate Winter Travel Guide

Whether you want the beach or the mountains, we've got the trip for you

By Journy Admin

3 August 2018

If You Want To Embrace The Chill…

While winter might not mean long walks canal-side, a winter vacation offers discount deals, which can be especially useful in destinations that are hard on the wallet.

Seasons of the Year

Get Hygge With These 7 Things To Do In Copenhagen

"Like board games? Coffee? Beer? Head to Bastard Cafe for a little bit of all three. Boasting over 500 board games to choose from, this quirky bar and cafe is a great place to relax with a game and a beverage day or night." Read more


Unleash Your Holiday Spirit At One Of 8 Christmas Markets Around The World

"Forget the Top 40 Hits piped into some Christmas markets, Chicago's Irish Christmas market features traditional Irish tunes and dances. Instead of mulled wine you'll find Irish coffee, Guinness and hot chocolate for the kids. To eat, there's corned beef sandwiches and other local specialities." Read more

Winter in Nice | Transpress NZ.

Lounge Like A Local With Off-Season Activities In Nice

"Though many wouldn't consider visiting in the winter months, the city of Nice settles to a charming quiet hum as crowds thin and weather shifts... There are quite a few exciting winter-only activities and with the advantage of less tourists, walking the Promenade des Anglais or exploring the art collection at Musée Matisse during winter can swiftly shoot to the top of your list." Read more

Plague doctor mask | Ca' Macana.

Hunt Down Artisanal Souvenirs In A Less-Touristed Venice

"Marina e Susanna Sent is run by a Murano-born sister duo who defy the typically male tradition of Venice glassmaking and blowing. The statement jewelry creations here are almost too beautiful to wear, like the soap bubble necklaces and wearable waterfalls." Read more

If You Want The Winter Ski Experience...

There's nothing that makes us happier to see the sun set at 4pm than a trip to the mountains. Whether your activity of choice is skiing or snowboarding, lodging or shopping, mountain resorts have enough wintry diversions to keep the whole family happy. And with resort recommendations for everywhere from Austria to Aspen, our local experts have sussed out the best pistes no matter where you dream of heading.

Arlberg, Austria | Road Affair

Head To The Cradle Of Modern Skiing In Austria

"Known as the birthplace of modern, alpine skiing, the Arlberg region in Austria has a sense of place that is once magical and exclusive." Read more

Aspen, CO | Travelaz

Discover The Best Things To eat, Drink And Do In Aspen

"Aspen is a town with many facets. Sure it's an enclave of the rich and famous, who have their pick of second homes around the world… It's [also] full of older ski bums who love the slopes and have been there for decades alongside a new generation skiers who come from all over the world to work for the season before moving on to another world class mountain." Read more

Jacalyn Beales

Embrace The Local Life In Whistler, British Columbia

"As Western Canada's largest city, Vancouver is the type of place dreams are made of. World-class restaurants? Check. Views of the Pacific Ocean and breathtaking mountains as a backdrop? Double check. Craft breweries, epic hiking trails and the possibility to surf, ski and bike all in the same season? Check, check, check." Read more

Aspen at night | Z Rankings

Master The Art Of Après Ski-In And Ski-Out Champagne In Aspen

"In most ski towns après is a preposition referring to a post-skiing celebration. In Aspen, it has morphed into a verb that transcends the seasons and simply refers to any opportunity (usually while the sun is still up) to raise a glass with friends and probably make some new ones along the way." Read more

If You Want To Escape The Winter...

No matter how much you look forward to that first snowfall, there (quickly) becomes a point when the dread for frozen fingers outweighs the giddiness of falling flakes. Escape the deep freeze with a trip to a warm weather destination, the extra dose of Vitamin D should keep you cheery until April, at least.

Lydia Mawhinney

Find Out Why They Call Los Angeles The City Of Dreams

"Here's how I'd sum up LA. You drive by something (a strip mall, let’s say) and it’s ugly and seedy and makes you feel lonely, especially at night (think Sunset Blvd from Echo Park through Silverlake). But each time you drive by that place, it morphs a tiny bit, until it’s this ugly thing that’s really beautiful to you, because you have a context of Los Angeles that keeps building and changes the way you see the city. It grows on you." Read more


See Miami Like An NYC Sommelier

"You absolutely must go [to Hoy Como Ayer] Thursday late night for the best live jazz / Cuban / Afro / funk music you've ever heard. It's right in the heart of little Havana - you'll dance your heart out, I promise." Read more

Mi Equipaje de Mano

Unwind In Tulum With Tips From Chef Steven Satterfield Of Miller Union

"Most of [resorts] use solar power, rely on wind for cooling instead of air conditioning and cook food in wood-burning ovens…. [They also] have a beach entrance so you can saunter up to a bar or restaurant right from the golden sand, as well as a jungle entrance for access from the main road." Read more


Map Your Trip To Crete With These 9 Unmissables

"Whether you come to Matala Beach to glimpse the impressive rock caves or reminisce about the beach's hippy history, you're sure to forget your original motivation as soon as you glimpse the sapphire waters... Be sure to save some time to visit the nearby caves. While you can no longer party in the caves like hippies did in the 60s and 70s, they make an impressive afternoon excursion—and are free to boot." Read more

If You Want To Eat Like It's Summer…

A roast is nice, but after turkey at both Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's time to give your stomach (and palate) a break with everything from juicy tropical fruit to fresh-caught, just grilled fish. All eaten al fresco, of course.


Eat With The Locals In Oahu

"But water sports aside, the cultural mix in Hawaii is so interesting and totally worth exploring, especially for anyone who has an affinity to Asian-inflected foods." Read more

Pasta from Acme | Time Out

Experience The Best Food Sydney Has To Offer

"A sunny, California-like climate means dining al fresco is usually an option, and it's almost unbelievable how high the standards are for coffee here." Read more

Max Pixel

Find Out Where You Can Eat With The Locals In Ibiza

"Can Limo's amazing fresh fish and fresh citrus showcases what happens when Ibiza meets Peruvian food. Located in San Antonio Bay, the restaurant has fantastic views of the water from their garden dining space. The vibe feels Peruvian-indigenous meets Ibiza hippie chic. And don't worry if you're not into ceviche, the menu offers way more than the iconic dish." Read more

Brunch in Melbourne | Cool Cousin

Brunch Like A Boss In Melbourne

"If you have to choose one meal to eat in Melbourne, make it brunch. The city has earned a reputation as the brunch capital of Australia, if not the world. After all, they are the ones who hooked us on everything from flat whites to avocado toast." Read more

If You're LookingTo Cozy Up With A Winter Feast...

A bubbling stew on a frosty day, a fortifying cocktail in a cozy bar—some food just tastes better in winter. Look no further if you're looking for a winter getaway where you're sure to eat well.

Carousel bar in New Orleans | Travel + Leisure

Drink Classic Cocktails At New Orleans's Best Bars

"The Sazerac, The Ramos Gin Fizz, the Vieux Carre - all were invented in New Orleans. And because there are no open container laws here, you can enjoy these iconic drinks while you're walking around and exploring. Just grab a to-go cup!" Read more

Paris at Christmas | Love Booklet

Dine At Paris's Best Restaurants...On Christmas

"Make the effort to go to Du Pain et Des Idées on Christmas Eve, the only day it's open during the holiday season. Their famous escargot chocolate and pistachio pastry is a must-have. This simple, old-school and traditional bakery is a favorite of many Parisians." Read more

Sazerac | Punch Drink

Go Back In Time At These New Orleans Bars

"NOLA is the cocktail's spiritual home, the place where bitters-spiked Cognac was prescribed as a hangover remedy, where they gave away rum when you bought whiskey and where prohibition never quite caught on. Good thing it's remained the same." Read more

Laundromat Cafe | Guide to Reykjavik

Relax In Reykjavik's Cutest Cafes

"Kaffitar is a popular local coffeehouse chain where they source 80% of their beans directly from farmers. Besides pouring one of the best cappuccinos in Iceland, they also serve seriously good drip coffee and flat whites, along with tasty sandwiches and pastries." Read more