Personal Travel Assistants Are Going To Be In High Demand Post-COVID. Here’s Why.

Secure your spot as a Journy Luxe member for unlimited, bespoke travel planning in 2021.

By Jacqueline Parisi

22 September 2020

Personal Travel Assistants Are Going To Be In High Demand Post-COVID. Here’s Why.

After months of pent-up demand, many expect an astronomical surge in travel by the time a vaccine is readily available. This is precisely why now is the optimal time to start planning. Summer is giving way to fall, 2021 is creeping closer, and while we’re big fans of daydreaming about a post-COVID world, it’s time to turn that daydreaming into action.

That’s why we recently launched a membership-based planning service, Journy Luxe, where travelers get paired 1-on-1 with their own personal assistant for one year of unlimited planning.

Ways your personal travel assistant can help you throughout the year:

  • Helping you decide where to go
    Based on interest, allocated time away, best multi-country pairings, etc
  • Mapping out complex flight routes to ensure efficiency
    Both private and commercial
  • Vetting and booking the best lodging
    From boutique hotels to well-designed Airbnbs to private rental properties
  • Arranging in-destination transportation
    Private transfers, helicopters, boats, and more
  • Curating and booking activities
    Private tours, food tastings, day trips, and more
  • Advising on where to go for client dinners, special anniversary meals, etc
    And securing reservations


Paid annually: $2,200 per year
Paid quarterly: $550/quarter

Aguas Calientes, Peru

If you’re thinking...personal assistant? ME?? I don’t know about that—just hear us out.

4 reasons to consider a personal travel assistant

  1. Your time is precious
    Now that we can add *pandemic* to our collective human experience, we all know what it’s like to not be able to travel. So once we can, don’t waste your time on anything less than the best experiences. Don’t risk missing out on that hidden cocktail bar where all the Tokyo chefs go when they’re off-duty, or the opportunity to witness the most spectacular wildebeest migration on your African safari. Don’t put your precious time and well-earned money in Google’s hands. Instead, trust the experts.
  2. ...and worth investing in
    After all, time is what you’re purchasing when you join Journy Luxe.

    Many people invest in material items, such as clothes, cars, and jewelry. But far fewer people invest in more time to do the things that bring them joy. More time to spend with family and friends experiencing travel rather than planning for it. Far fewer people invest in increasing their productivity and decreasing their stress. We want to change that.
  3. The pandemic has given you enough to worry about
    Whether you’re working from home, homeschooling, or a combination of both…there’s a lot on everyone’s minds right now. Don’t add the logistics of planning on top of that. When you work with a personal travel assistant through Journy Luxe, s/he will get to know your tastes, preferences, priorities, budget, must-haves, deal breakers, and more. It’s a relationship that develops over time to save you countless hours you would have otherwise spent researching, Googling, calling, making reservations, and crossing your fingers that you didn’t forget anything (and spoiler alert, you probably did).
  4. The days of spontaneous travel are behind us, which makes a service like this increasingly important (arguably necessary)
    Now more than ever, advance planning is critical, especially if you or someone you’re traveling with is in a high-risk group, since it will allow travelers time to:
  • Research hotels/accommodations
    To see what their cleaning procedures are and if they’ve implemented sufficient safety measures such as contactless check-in, no buffets, private/in-room dining, etc.
  • Secure reservations
    Which will be increasingly important due to capacity limitations, and ensure that servers will be wearing masks and tables spaced at least six feet apart from each other.
  • Arrange private transfers
    (the demand for which we expect to surge), and confirm the health information of the driver and that s/he will be wearing a mask.
  • Book first-class plane seats
    Out of safety concerns and a desire for more space.

With local reservationists across four continents, we’re experts at securing coveted reservations, VIP tickets, and access to insider experiences—while keeping COVID-19 considerations top of mind.  

Interested in learning more about Journy Luxe? Start the application today and a member of the trip design team will be in touch with next steps.

Silhouette Island, Seychelles