Good News: Signing Up For TSA PreCheck Could Be Getting Easier

Plus four other travel tidbits the Journy HQ has been hyped about this month.

By Joe Lepore

1 July 2019

1. It's about to become a whole lot easier to skip long lines with TSA PreCheck

Good news for anyone who hasn’t signed up for the TSA’s PreCheck program—it could be getting easier. Though millions have joined in the quest for shorter airport security lines since the program launched in 2013, new memberships have fallen short of the TSA’s projections.

To boost registrations, the TSA is looking at introducing changes to make joining easier and more attractive. Options include opening PreCheck enrollment offices at airports and offering a subscription model along with the current $85/five-year membership fee.

Read more about the options being considered here.

2. Travelers to Europe should double check their measles vaccinations are up to date

While checking in with your doctor before traveling to an exotic country is common, Americans may want to add another destination to their list of pre-travel checkups: Europe. While US-based measles outbreaks made headlines this winter, a lot of travelers may not realize that many of those outbreaks began with an infection contracted by American travelers visiting Europe. The highly contagious disease has been even more prevalent there, with 41,000 cases reported in the first half of 2018 in countries like Ukraine, France, Italy and Greece.

If you received the MMR vaccine as a child, you’re likely protected, but in some cases the immunity can wane, so the CDC is reminding Americans to check with their doctors before getting on a transatlantic flight.

Learn more about the outbreak here.

3. Heading to the Great Barrier Reef? Uber can now take you there.

Like many of the Earth’s natural wonders, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef isn’t easy to get to. It’s been a little easier this spring, all thanks to Uber. As part of their “ScUber” program, the rideshare app has been offering trips to the planet’s largest coral reef in a private mini-sub.

For the low price of $2,070, pilot Erika Bergman will take you and a friend on tour of the reef to see its amazing wildlife up close. Don’t forget to give her five stars! Though they only offered the rides in May and June, based on its popularity, Uber is considering bringing the sub back next year.

Take a deep dive on this story here.

4. Stay in Reese Witherspoon's Big Little Lies house on vacation

For everyone here at Journy, half the fun of HBO’s Big Little Lies is gawking at the insane beachside mansions of Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and company. And they’re not just Hollywood sets—the show is filmed on location, and if you’re willing to pay the price, Reese Witherspoon’s house on the show can be yours for a night or two! With prices ranging between $3000-$5000 a night, the beachfront house, listed on Malibu Luxury Vacation Homes, isn’t cheap. But then again, is any price too high for that insane kitchen?

Get the big little details here.

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5. A zoo in Japan preps for a potential lion escape in a ~curious~ way

Listen, we want every zoo to be very prepared on the subject of lion escapes. For the Tobe Zoological Park in Aichi, Japan, that means running live drills to rehearse what to do in that scary scenario. And while they wisely chose not to use a real lion in the drill, their alternative was a little unusual: a man in a big fuzzy lion costume. If it keeps them calm and collected when and if a Lion does escape, then we're all for it. And if we happen to get some hilarious pictures along the way then that’s okay, too.

See more here.

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