One Of The World’s Most Famous Interactive Art Exhibits Is Coming To London

Plus four other travel tidbits the Journy HQ has been hyped about this month.

By Jacqueline Parisi

25 February 2020

One Of The World’s Most Famous Interactive Art Exhibits Is Coming To London

1. One of the world’s most famous interactive art exhibits is coming to London

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, London’s Tate Modern is introducing a year-long exhibit celebrating one of Japan’s most influential artists: 90-year-old Yayoi Kusama and her Infinity Rooms. Opening in May 2020 (with tickets on sale starting March 2), the exhibit will feature the quintessential—and uber Instagrammable—mirrored rooms, along with additional photography and footage.

In a statement, Tate Modern director Frances Morris explained the decision to kick off anniversary celebrations with Kusama’s psychedelic installation, followed by Louise Bourgeois’s Maman and Lee Mingwei’s Our Labryinth as an embodiment of “art’s journey from the avant-garde of the early 20th century to the immersive installations being created today.”

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2. Delta is investing $1 billion to become carbon neutral by 2030

Following announcements by JetBlue, Qantas, British Airways, and AirFrance to combat the environmental impact of travel, Delta has announced that they will be investing $1 billion over the course of the next 10 years to offset carbon emissions produced by flights  and develop clean air technology. The goal? Become the first airline to achieve total global carbon neutrality by 2030. Efforts kick off as early as March 1.

“There’s no challenge we face that is in greater need of innovation than environmental sustainability, and we know there is no single solution,” explained Delta CEO Bastian. “We are digging deep into the issues, examining every corner of our business, engaging experts, building coalitions, fostering partnerships, and driving innovation.”

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3. It’s about to become a whole lot faster to upgrade to Real ID

In an effort to meet the October 1 deadline for all Real ID states, applicants will now be allowed to submit the required documents electronically. Officials estimate that two-thirds of all Americans still don’t have licenses that meet the standards, which were designed to improve transportation security. But in a statement, Tori Barnes, U.S. Travel Association’s Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy acknowledged that “we won’t solve this issue by pushing people to the DMV.” To find out what forms of documentation are acceptable, refer to your state DMV site.

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4. United Airlines is saying goodbye to Biscoff cookies and replacing them with Oreos

United has officially announced that they will be replacing their complimentary snack offering, Biscoff cookies, with Oreos. Needless to say, the Twitter-verse is reacting.

“Put @united on the phone *grips receiver tightly* I just wanna talk for a minute,” read one Tweet.

And then there were those that chocked it up to Brexit—Biscoff being a UK-based cookie, after all.

"So @united you really thought this was a food idea? Or was it a Brexit issue? @lotusbiscoffUK"

In response, United put out a statement on Twitter reading, “We periodically make updates to our snack offerings to provide customers with new and different options. We’re going to miss the Biscoff cookies too, but we’re excited to bring Oreos on board.”

TBD about whether this calms the sugary fury.

(In other less-than-favorable United news, they announced higher checked bag fees beginning in March.)

5. TSA officially bans employees from using TikTok

Following a letter from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on the potential national security threats of the China-owned video sharing app, Tik-Tok, the TSA has banned its employees from using it.

This comes after an a TSA spokeswomen created a video—that ended up going viral—of her explaining the dos and don’ts of carry-on luggage. This same employee also shared a video outlining the rules of traveling with the cult-favorite chocolate spread, Nutella.

“Given the widely reported threats, the already-in-place agency bans, and the existing concerns posed by TikTok,” explained Schumer, “the feds cannot continue to allow the TSA’s use of the platform to fly. These videos sure do make you chuckle; they’re creative. But China might be laughing at [them] for very different reasons.”

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