Your La La Land Inspired Los Angeles Date

All the romantic, jazzy, colorful LA vibes you need

By Journy Team

3 August 2018

Who doesn't wish they could be Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone in La La Land, singing and tap dancing around LA? Why not pretend to be for a day? You could trace the couple’s exact steps from the movie, but we’ve put together a date that’s a bit more innovative and has all the romantic, jazzy, colorful LA vibes you need.

See The Historic Hollywood Egyptian Theater


You gotta start with the movies, of course! Built in 1922, this was the first grand movie theater on Hollywood Boulevard. It's said that this is where the first movie premiere ever took place. Today, the movie house is run by the American Cinematheque film archive. Purchase a tour for $5.

Dale Robinette

Get Inspired In Barnsdall Art Park

Floyd B. Bariscale

A hidden gem in the midst of hectic east Hollywood, Barnsdall Park is an arts, culture, and recreation hub reflecting the vibrant spirit of the neighborhood. Besides hosting events like outdoor movie nights, wine tastings, and art workshops, the park is home to the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), the Barnsdall Art Center, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s very first LA project, the stunning “California Romanza” Hollyhock House. Another bonus: There’s plenty of free parking, and it’s also close to a subway stop. Admission to the park and to the LAMAG is free. Recommended: blasting Summer Montage / Madeleine as you traipse around.


Relax On The Beach Near Redondo Beach Pier


Redondo Beach is a great spot to settle in for a lovely day of beach activities. The pier is smaller than other nearby areas and less crowded. Nearby food vendors sell fresh seafood and ice cream cones that beg to be eaten on an ocean-side stroll. There are often live music concerts on the pier and beach. Dance with your date at twilight while singing wistfully like Ryan Gosling.

Den Of Geek

Dine "Cafeteria Style" Amonsgst Curiosities At Clifton's Cafeteria

Rick Loomis 

Part retro dining hall, part bar, part dance club, part California curio cabinet, Clifton’s is an indisputable institution. Reive Whether you spend the night dancing to live jazz, rockabilly, or swing or ogling the bizarre décor (think lots of taxidermy, not to mention a five-story fake redwood tree), you’re in for an unforgettable, only-in-LA time. And there’s not even a cover charge.

Speakeasy Cocktails At The Varnish


The Varnish is arguably LA's top speakeasy cocktail joint, perfect for a late-night rendezvous or a night cap. With expert bartenders like these, there's no need for a menu - just tell them what spirit you're into, shaken or stirred, boozy or citrusy, and they'll take it from there. Cocktails are $13 a pop. On weekends, enjoy the live jazz and pretend you’re at Seb’s.

Dale Robinette | Black Label Media