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Borough Market

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    For the first-time visitor, it's hard to figure out what among the stalls is worth the stomach space. While there are a few iconic market foods, that doesn't mean those are the ones you should be eating. Our local London experts have run through the must-visit market stalls to help you figure out which ones are right for you to fall in love with the market.

    If You Don't Mind Waiting For Sit-Down Pasta, Dine At Padella

    Padella is a restaurant located on the side of the market and hits the sweet spots between hip, not-expensive, and so-good-you'll-want-seconds. Since the restaurant is none too large and very popular, you're going to have to wait for your table.

    Once you're sitting down, here's your game plan: start with the carpaccio or burrata, then move on to pici cacio e pepe, pappardelle with eight-hour beef shin ragù or fettuccine with 'nduja. Fortunately, the portions are sized like an Italian's primo piatto, giving you enough stomach space to devour more than one.

    If You Don't Mind Getting Your Hands Dirty, Order A Grilled Cheese Sandwich From Kappacasein

    Sure, a cloak of raclette oozing over new potatoes might give you the better cheese pull photo for your Instagram, but if you want crispy cheesy delight, Kappacasein's grilled cheese stuffed with garlic, onions and leeks is a must.

    Made with Poilane's famous sourdough (which you can buy at Waitrose supermarkets in London), this sandwich comes with a thin layer of cheddar crisped on the edges for max deliciousness.

    If You Want To Understand What All The Fuss About British Pies Are About,Get A Proper One At Pieminster

    While Pieminster has become a mini empire producing proper pies, you know you'll get the freshest ones when you head to their Borough Market kiosk.

    The options range from traditional meat pies to veg-friendly renditions, and all are delicious. Pies are heated to order and you can even get a range of traditional sides like mushy peas to go with.

    If You're Craving Healthy Street Food, Grab A Dosa From Horn Ok Please

    The name Horn Ok Please comes from a slogan frequently emblazoned on the back of vehicles in India. But in London, it's the name for some of the best vegetarian-friendly and totally delicious Indian street food. The offerings range from a dense moong dal dosas to the aloo tikka chaat, which has more textures and flavors than we have words to describe.
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